Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My original paintings

Оригинальные картины, созданные мной (TRINITY/Алина Рубаненко). Вы так же можете приобрести принты этих работ для себя в моем магазине на, где вы найдете множество полезных мелочей и декор для вашего дома с моими работами.

Original paintings created by me (TRINITY / Alina Rubanenko). You can also buy prints of these works for yourself in my store on, where you find a lot of useful things and decor for your home with my works.

mesh by Kim included:


  1. Oh, I have to tell you something my dear ! I write a story with photos of Sims, and one of my principal characters is a woman painter who works in a art gallery. So when I saw your wonderful paintings on your flickr, I wanted to ask you if I could insert them in my story and say that my character painted them (but also that the original painter is you ^^). But now, it's better because you create them as objects !!
    Sorry to tell you my boring life, and thank you very much for these lovely creations !

    1. Thank you so much! @}->--
      It's not boring at all and I am very interested! Of course you can use my works for your stories. I am very pleased. Good luck, dear!