Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stealing again!

Stealing again my and other creators clothes on the tiffani sims site.

I'm not surprised, but there are questions stand before meWhy do I tryFor what? If anyone can brazenly stealing my work.
I'm working on Christmas Advent Calendar. For what? that my work been stolen again? If so I'll take harsh measures. Because I'm tired and I'm sick of this!

Tiffani and everyone same as you -You are mediocre, empty nothingness!!!

My friends, people in my close circle and those who support my blog will have access to my content. The rest ones - do not.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Read to everyone! About commission.

Hello friends!

Recently I opened the CommissionAnd everything was very good until I was faced with the problem: almost everyone who wrote to me a request for the creation of commissions paid content can pay only through PayPal. PayPal in my country doesn't work fully, I can't accept paymentsFor this reason I use WebMoney. But with WebMoney in some countries like the USA have a problem. It doesn't work for them.
The whole situation is like a bad joke, and I have no other way out to suspend the Commissions, taking requests only those who can work with WebMoney.
As I have said. I can no longer afford for myself to do only free content. You may think badly of mebut life is cruel.
I'll let you know when I will be able to accept payments through PayPal.
Free content also will beBut a lot less often than usual. Sorry!

Regards, Trinity.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The future Premium. Is coming...

This PoseBoxes was the commission order. And it will be available to premium content as soon as PayPal will be work in my country(details later).

Attention! Only for those who can pay through WebMoney:
If you want to get it sooner, email me:

If you want and you have the opportunity to support my resource, donate some funds:

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fashion Empire 4! The teaser for me ^___^

Teaser with my self-sim Trinity. Yes, she is with a gun :D
Thanks a lot to Pamella Paine!!!

Enjoy watching and don't forget:
Сoming soon...
Don't miss! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015


If you want and you have the opportunity to support my resource, donate some funds.

WebMoney Z218521307606

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

For Lamy, Ness and Rachel Williams. Please read!

Lamy, Ness, Rachel Williams

I want to thank you for your activity and support!
You are the ones who have the most activity a comment on my blog and always thanks for my work. And today I want to thank you.
From now on, all Premium content for you absolutely free!
Contact me that I could send you a new PoseBox:

Hugging you!

The Commission is open!

Starting from today, I open the commission. For the Sims (2, 3, 4), Second Life, etc.
Below I place the basic list, prices and terms.

1. Editing and drawing.
Sims (2, 3, 4), Second Life, etc.

You can order edit photos (screenshot), edit portrait and a portrait illustration.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

About commission and donations

Hello friends!
Today I want to talk with you about commissions and donations.
Here it is. Everyone knows that time is money and creation of content takes a lot of time. I can't afford to spend all my time on creating only of free content. I think it's fair, do you think so?
Last year, I was registered on AdFly, but faced with a huge problem - they work with PayPal which doesn't work in my country yet. I can't get my money on the development of my blog.
I don't want to put someone to the corner and force to give me his money. Hell noBut my time is money, like anyone else.

About commission.
I get a lot of requests to do something specific, or on some subjects. Do this or do that. But I can't help everyone, because it takes a lot of time and time necessary for me to earn money for a living. Vicious circle. I don't want to close my blog and stop doing the content. My resource, my followers, you! make me happier. I want to continue. And I want to get orders from you, but for a commission.
still plan to update free content. Plus think about paid content at the same time. But also, you will have opportunity to hire me and buy my products under your order.
Commission I'll start as soon as I can. I need to work on terms and prices.

About donations.
In my mind, donations for projects such as mine, some kind of cheating. I'm not used to get something for nothing, free. So I have a doubt about the donation for my blog. However my resource is full of free content, I am an artist, creator and give people something why they come here. If they're able to support me and monetary my resource, it's just wonderful. Because, at the same time, it's completely voluntary!

I will use WebMoney. It works in my country unlike PayPal.

Thank you so much for your attention!
If you have any questions for me, or you want something to say, ask me here or email:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Warner Brothers, fans love the TV show FOREVER!

Hello. friends!
As many people, I love a good stories, and one of them is the TV show "Forever". But the TV show was unfairly closed, so I ask you to sign a petition for return "Forever" on screens. Who haven't watched yet - I recommend.
If you like this show just like me - tell about the petition to your friends.
Thanks for your attention!

Sign the petition.

Привет, друзья!
Как и многие люди. я обожаю хорошие истории, а одной из них является сериал "Вечность". Но он был несправедливо закрыт, поэтому я прошу вас подписать петицию о его возвращении в эфир.
Кто еще не смотрел - рекомендую.
Если вам нравится это шоу так же как и мне - расскажите о петиции своим друзьям и знакомым.
Спасибо за ваше внимание!

Подписать петицию.

Alice in Wonderland PoseBox