Thursday, August 27, 2015

Read to everyone! About commission.

Hello friends!

Recently I opened the CommissionAnd everything was very good until I was faced with the problem: almost everyone who wrote to me a request for the creation of commissions paid content can pay only through PayPal. PayPal in my country doesn't work fully, I can't accept paymentsFor this reason I use WebMoney. But with WebMoney in some countries like the USA have a problem. It doesn't work for them.
The whole situation is like a bad joke, and I have no other way out to suspend the Commissions, taking requests only those who can work with WebMoney.
As I have said. I can no longer afford for myself to do only free content. You may think badly of mebut life is cruel.
I'll let you know when I will be able to accept payments through PayPal.
Free content also will beBut a lot less often than usual. Sorry!

Regards, Trinity.

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