Monday, January 12, 2015

Men clothing


- Использовать мои текстуры, полностью и любые их части, будь то обувь или аксессуары!
- Перекрашивать мои текстуры!
- Конвертировать мои работы на другие меши и в другие версии игры (Симс 3, 4 и т.д.)
- Перезаливать ссылки моих работ на другие хостинги!
Вы можете выкладывать мою одежду в новинках на своем ресурсе, но ссылки должны вести в этот блог или на мой форум.


- Use my textures, fully and any part of them, even shoes and accessories!
- Recolor!
- Convert my works to other meshes and in other versions of the game (The Sims 3, 4, etc.)
- Upload links of my works on other hostings!
You can post my clothes in updates, but the links should lead on this blog or my forum.

mesh included:

mesh included:

mesh included:

mesh included:

mesh included:


  1. Sorry to send two comments in the same page, but I want to ask you something... Have you already think about create nerd's outfits, like these :

    I don't want to give you any command, so please don't take it badly !! It's just a little suggestion, of course you can tell me no if you don't want to create it !

    1. Thank you so much! @}->--
      This is a great idea. So cool and fun :D I love that! I'll definitely try to find some time to do something like that. Thank you for the idea and photos.

    2. Oh I'm so happy you didn't take it badly ! Thanks a lot :D
      Now I'm hurried to see them, and all your wonderful creations !!

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