Tuesday, July 7, 2015

For Lamy, Ness and Rachel Williams. Please read!

Lamy, Ness, Rachel Williams

I want to thank you for your activity and support!
You are the ones who have the most activity a comment on my blog and always thanks for my work. And today I want to thank you.
From now on, all Premium content for you absolutely free!
Contact me that I could send you a new PoseBox:

Hugging you!


  1. Trinity, this is really generous of you. You know, I love all your work! I will contact you immediately. Thank you so much, Trinity.

  2. Oh, what a surprise ! Thank you so much, it's really kind *o*
    I'll send you a mail.
    Thanks a lot for sharing all your wonderful creations with us, please never stop lol

  3. This is very kind and generous of you Trinity!!! Thank you very much!! I was shocked to see my name written across the screen of your blog this morning, as I came to download some clothes!!!!lol , I will contact you, thanks again!!!! xoxo-Raechel W