Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pregnancy PoseBox

Pregnancy PoseBox
on the photo: Klira & Paulo
Klira by my dear friend Klira
Paulo by my dear friend AndreyKo


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  1. I love the pregnancy clothes on the model, did you create it ? if yes will you put it up for download ?

    1. Yes, I made this clothing. You can download it on my forum No registration required. A little later I will add clothes in this post

  2. Wow Cam ... don't you love all the non-judgmental answers here? I applaud your friends for trying to do what's right BEFORE the baby is born and give that child the opportunity at a life with a mom AND dad ~ which sadly seems to be the rarity nowadays! I'm guessing these posters own sense of righteousness qualifies them to act superior and higher class of course! Psssh!